Unisys: Proof of the IT Industry’s Success

With the sudden boom in this modern age, the specialized niche of information technology has broadened its reach. American company Unisys Corporation is one such leading figures in the industry, providing vital IT services, IT consulting, software, technology and outsourcing services to global locations. Its headquarters found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Unisys is headed by Chairman and CEO J. Edward Coleman, and employs over 22,000 people worldwide.

Unisys Corporation started out as the American Arithmometer Company, later the Burroughs Corporation and then the Sperry Gyroscope Company. The current Unisys was formed when Burroughs and Sperry merged in 1986, an acronym of United Information Systems. Providing information technology throughout the years, Unisys had also worked with the US government and with government agencies in terms of software and hardware. Unisys developed the 2200 series and the UNISYS 2200/500 CMOS mainframe. The company also came up with the first desktop mainframe, the Micro A, as well as servers and other similar projects. To date, the company has over 1,500 patents, both US and foreign.

Unisys has been the name behind many of the USA’s data processing and information management services, including those in banking, income tax, airlines, biometrics, weather data, tracking, identification and even newspaper and publishing processes. The company currently runs several high-quality operations centers in America and in locations such as Brazil, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. Aside from its progress in IT, Unisys had also been contributing to clean air programs, community projects, pollution prevention and environmental management systems.

As of now, Unisys continues to uphold its reputation for excellent services in IT, and has kept up its goal of giving businesses and governments data protection and technology in order for them to keep pace with the changes in this virtual age. Unisys has also been at par in developing new ideas and innovations for the benefit of everyone.