Triumph Group, Inc.: The Unmatched Named in the Aerospace Components Industry

There are three business segments that Triumph Group Inc. operates: Triumph Aftermarket Services Group, Triumph Aerospace Systems Group and Triumph Aerostructures. The company, based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania is in the business of supplying aerospace components and systems.

As a global leader in the industry of aerospace parts, Triumph engineers, manufactures, overhaul and repair various systems related to aerostructures, aircraft components and accessories and subassemblies. It has 64 locations worldwide and has 45 highly specialized manufacturing companies under its umbrella. Their products and services are utilized by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of business and military aircraft and related components, air cargo carriers and commercial and regional airlines. Because of the company’s broad portfolio of products and services, they are able to participate at all levels of all the supply chain in the aerospace industry – from manufacturing single components to creating complex aerostructures.

As of late, there are about 12,000 associates working for the business. These employees are located around the world and helps generate the annualized revenue of $1.4 billion of the company.