SWAT Environmental: A Frontliner in Radon Mitigation and Remediation

America’s largest company offering vapor intrusion mitigation and remediation services, SWAT Environmental – which stands for Soil, Water and Air Technologies – is everyone’s solution to any kind of soil gas or vapor intrusion quandary. It takes pride in designing and implementing the most effective, efficient and non-invasive remediation systems in the environmental industry.

Founded in 1988 by Chris Coffey, one of the first radon mitigation specialists to have attended the EPA Radon Contractor Proficiency Program, the company has grown twenty-fold in the 23 years that it has been doing its business. It has worked on more than 50,000 successful projects, all of which required licenses and certifications.

The company’s staff has more than a century of collective experience in indoor air quality industry, and has flawlessly mitigated soil vapors in homes, condominiums, businesses, townhouses, schools and government buildings. SWAT Environmental currently has the highest number of soil gas mitigation experts in the entire world who helped solve radon problems for thousands of customers since its inception – all with 100% success.