OfficeMax Inc.: Filling All Office Supply Needs

“Providing workplace innovation that enables customers to work better.” This is the tagline of one of North America’s largest and farthest-reaching office supply companies that has been behind the successful operations of all other kinds of businesses in all industries, big or small. OfficeMax Inc., a Chicago-based office supplies retailer, offers offices everything they could possibly need to function properly. OfficeMax Products include paper, binders, writing instruments, calendars and planners, shipping and mailing supplies, arts and crafts materials, dry erase boards, tax and business forms, printers, monitors, computer accessories, software, digital cameras, chairs, desks, furniture assembly and so on.

OfficeMax was founded in 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio by Bob Hurwitz and Michael Feuer. In the same year, OfficeMax was able to launch its first store at the Golden Gate Shopping Center in Ohio, which remains as the original store to this day. Hurwitz was the company’s first Chairman and CEO while Feuer served as President and COO. In just two years of operating, the company was able to grow enough to acquire Office World, a move that widened OfficeMax’s scope. Through several more acquisitions and mergers like that of Office Square, locations from Highland Superstores, Office Warehouse and BizMart, OfficeMax likewise became a stakeholder in similar business interests.

OfficeMax has several regional delivery centers and PowerMax distribution hubs in Las Vegas, Hazleton, Pennsylvania and Birmingham, Alabama. As of 2011, the company has 991 locations across the country, and a very powerful e-commerce arm that handles sales and shipping to numerous locations. OfficeMax sells only the most trusted brands in office supplies, technology and office furniture with the aim of helping customers manage their daily workload, be it for an office or for school. In 2013, a merger between OfficeMax and Office Depot is set to push through, introducing what is to be a world giant in the office supplies industry.