Medical Supply Depot: Providing Easy and Affordable Access to the Right Medical Equipment

Medical Supply Depot is far from being a multi-tiered company, although it prides itself with solid partnerships with several of the world’s best known hospitals, as it constantly supplies exemplary medical equipment and supplies combined with the most exceptional, individualized customer service there is.

Founded in 2005, Medical Supply Depot was born out of Mier Tsinman’s volunteer service during the 9/11 attack. He noticed that a lot of health care institutions and emergency services did not have any access to appropriate medical supplies as many of the big suppliers weren’t attuned with their clients’ individual needs. Not only that, they also did not offer efficient and affordable access to any of their supplies.

Tsinman resolved to change all of this.

Today, with Medical Supply Depot, clients can already obtain direct access to a wide range of brand-name medical equipment and supplies at the lowest prices available, and can rest assured that it will be delivered to them at an industry-leading speed. From bathroom safety items to cutting-edge diagnostic tools, the company makes it affordable and easy to get the correct items, within the comforts of their clients’ homes.