Marc Ecko: More than Just Urban Lifestyle

In this day and age, fashion is an integral part of a person’s life. The way we dress not only reflects the latest trends; it reflects our personality and our lifestyle as well. For those who are into the whole urban lifestyle, music isn’t the only way to express oneself. Fashion plays a big role, too, which is why there are several fashion houses and designer labels dedicated to providing fashion-forward clothing to people who exude the youthfulness and life.

Marc Milecofsky, more popularly known as Marc Ecko, founded Marc Ecko Enterprises along with Seth Gerszberg, and twin sister, Marci Tapper in 1993. Armed with only a can of spray paint and six t-shirts, Marc Ecko began creating graffiti inspired shirts that attracted some of this generation’s cultural icons and several A-listers to join his growing fan base. His line of young men’s clothing, Ecko Unltd., hit the mainstream in the early 2000s, and the world famous “Rhino Brand” has since become synonymous with urban clothing and lifestyle.

The Marc Echo brand expanded to include a women’s line called Eckored, a more contemporary clothing line called Ecko Cut and Sew, and Zoo York, an East Coast action lifestyle brand. Marc Ecko Enterprises isn’t just about fashion. As if Marc Ecko wasn’t already satisfied with the success his clothing line received, he branched out into media by opening up a publishing company called Complex Media, in-store and online video channel EckoTV, and the video and social gaming company, Marc Ecko entertainment. The company also shows a lot of heart with its support for a number of philanthropic entities which include the Tikva Children’s Home in the Ukraine,  as well as organizations that help the underprivileged youth like Sweat Equity Education an initiative that gives young people a chance to learn the ropes of the design business and Successful Teens with, Knowledge, Experience, and Determination (STOKED) Mentoring, an organization that teaches young people values and important lessons through sports like surfing, wakeboarding, and a whole lot more.