Lenny and Larry’s: Great Taste and Good Health Rolled into One

One fine day, while having cups of coffee right after a hard core morning work-out at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, a couple of friends conceived a crazy idea of putting in some proteins on those delectable muffins. Fusing an extensive health and fitness background with a massive interest on nutritious baked goods and marketing fun, former American wrestler “Cyclone” and a long-time friend decided to establish a company that will create and sell high protein muffins, cookies and a wide range of all-natural baked goods.

After months of careful planning, the pair came up with highly nutritious, great tasting baked products that are guaranteed to make consumers smile even when they are constantly on-the-go. They named it Lenny and Larry’s, and immediately set forth to market the goods to the hungry yet health-conscious market. Needless to say, it became an instant hit not only among the health buffs, but among regular guzzlers as well. Fifteen years later, Lenny and Larry’s continues to create one of the greatest tasting and healthiest food products in the market. With firm commitment to value and quality, the company always ensures that they create only the most delectable goods that are way better than the package it turns up in.

As corporate executives with a hands-on attitude, the principals behind Lenny and Larry’s play an extremely active role in research and development processes as well as on the sales and marketing aspects of the company – both of which lead to a highly successful enterprise. Being sports enthusiasts and family men, they have created a company mission to create and produce nutritious baked goods that everyone can enjoy, whether they are young or old. As of the moment Lenny and Larry’s enjoys a massive success and aims to continue to make and distribute healthy food products as well as encourage nutritious diet and physical fitness among people from all walks of life.