Healthbox: The Startup Accelerator Program for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

There are quite a number of startup incubators and accelerator programs today that it can be hard to keep track. One company, however, stands out from all the rest because of its focus on entrepreneurs who wish to open up a company in the healthcare industry.

Healthbox is a company that aims to empower healthcare entrepreneurs which will help stimulate change in the way healthcare services are provided. The company was founded by Nina Nashif and was launched in Chicago in 2012. In its inaugural class, they had ten startups coming from the US and Ireland under their wing. These entrepreneurs shared more than a work environment. They shared ideas, experiences, and best practices to help each other create the best business models possible for their businesses. In under a year, they were able to expand the company to cater to startups in other locations such as Boston and as far as London, England.