The Glory of the Birmingham Small Arms Company

It was one of the biggest industrial companies in the United Kingdom, but financial trouble led to the acquisition of what was once Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited by what is now known as Manganese Bronze Holdings. Founded in the Gun Quarter of Birmingham in 1861 as a company that made and sold guns, the BSA was renamed in 1987. One of its subsidiaries, LTI Limited, is the largest English car manufacturer and maker of the famous London taxi cabs.

With its headquarters in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, BSA’s initial production of firearms and ammunition grew to include bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, military equipment and numerous other niches in industrial engineering. Among BSA’s former subsidiaries were BSA Guns, BSA Cycles, BSA Motor Cycles, New Hudson, Sunbeam Cycles, Ariel Motors, Triumph Engineering, Daimler, BSA Cars, Cardiff Foundry and Engineering, BSA Tools, Burton Griffiths & Co., BG Machinery, William Jessop & Sons, JJ Saville & Co., Bromley, Fisher & Turton, The Birtley Co., many of which have either been renamed, sold or retained under the banner of Manganese Bronze Holdings.