Genea Energy: Making a Difference Through Energy Consumption

GeneaEnergy is an Internet-based business that offers the use of software that allows property owners to save more money by helping them customize their energy consumption while still efficiently accommodating each of their tenants’ demands.

Genea Energy was founded by Keith Voysey in 2006 and has an office in Yorba Linda, California. Keith started his career by working with Landis and Gyr, a company that was to be later acquired by Siemens Building Technology. After his stint with Landis and Gyr, he transferred to Prentiss Properties, an energy management consultancy firm where he realized the potential of automation and power control. He then came up with the idea of establishing a company that offers energy conservation solutions, thus, the Genea Energy.

Genea’s pioneer technology is focused at developing a solution that allows for greater revenue while helping the environment through its energy conserving systems. Through saving energy, businesses and individuals renting commercial properties will be able to save on energy costs, thus increasing their net income. Furthermore, they can also help save the environment by not spending so much energy that causes the production of greenhouse gases. Genea’s technology benefits all of the individuals and groups involved in the maintenance and usage of properties – the property owners, the tenants and even building engineers.

Competition was something that did not pose as a challenge for Voysey and his team, since Genea can be considered as a pioneer in its industry. However, making the world know about their products, services and solutions proved to be quite a task, as well as gathering funds to further support the business. But despite these challenges, Genea Energy was able to get past through the difficult times, acquiring trust and patronage for their solutions and services. As of late, Genea Energy continues to offer their energy conserving technology to property owners and tenants who are smart enough to acknowledge the company’s genius offering.