DST Systems Inc.: A Software Development Firm

Prior to taking the brand name DST Systems Inc., the company started as a division of Kansas City Southern Industries, Data-Sys-Tance. It was in 1969 that the business was founded as a software development firm.

The company specializes in information processing and management. It is the manufacturer of the software package AWD or the Automated Work Distributor. The product is process management solution that aims to increase back-office efficiency through imaging and workflow. One of the highlights of this product is that it reduces the use of paper in the office. Some of the main competition of the business includes names like US Bancorp Fund Services, Envision Financial Systems, PFPC and SunGard. The company has a joint venture with State Street Corporation as Boston Financial Services. It also has an international presence as International Financial Data Services in the United Kingdom and in Canada.

One of the subsidiaries of the business is DST Global Solutions that services more than 300 clients in 13 offices around the world. It delivers technological expertise, service excellence and industry experience to help clients manage their business and safeguard high-value information.