Common Era: An Up-and-Coming Label

In an industry teeming with numerous labels, designers, models and what have you, it may prove difficult to establish a name, much less maintain that name successfully. Common Era, a new line of menswear clothing, has taken the challenge and conquered it. Established, designed and managed by Kit Halvorsen, Common Era calls itself an up-and-coming fashion label with offices in Boston and San Francisco. Halvorsen herself was a painter, photographer and graphic designer who found her passion in creating menswear and sought to make her dream a reality in setting up Common Era.

Common Era prides itself on quality, choosing to make all of their garments in the USA and committing to staying away from sweatshops. The company sells shirts, dress pants, blazers, utility pants, ties and scarves. The brand’s focus is on classic East Coast preppy style, emitting a casual yet timeless vibe in its cut, patterns and attention to detail.