Canningvale: Australia’s Leader in Textiles

There’s something to be said for businesses and products that are a country’s own. Unlike foreign brands, no matter how popular they may be, successful local businesses are a source of pride to people. Such is the case with Canningvale, dubbed Australia’s premiere brand in textiles due to its high-quality products. The company started out as a small terry towel mill in Perth, Western Australia. The owner, Giovanni Prainito, Italian in origin, launched the business in 1977 and settled down in the region.

Canningvale soon grew enough to export towels to the USA in 1997, and made great leaps in business when it designed a towel collection for notable brand Tommy Hilfiger. Canningvale has also created towels for department store Bloomingdales and fashion brand Eddie Bauer. To date, Canningvale is Australia’s largest and most advanced towel manufacturer, and has since expanded to include bedroom linen, candles and cushions in its array of high-quality products.