Akai: A Heritage of Electronic Products

If there’s one thing the Japanese are known for, it’s excellent electronics manufacturing and Akai is no exception. Founded in 1929 in Tokyo, Japan by Saburo Akai, Akai has been producing hi-fi equipment for over eighty years. Now a subsidiary of Grande Holdings and with its company headquarters located in Singapore, Akai has had a long and proud history of having made some of the world’s best audiotape recorders, cassette decks, tuners, amplifiers, video cassette recorders, loudspeakers, synthesizers, samplers and many more. Akai is credited with being the first to introduce the on-screen display on VCRs in the 1980s.

While Akai’s manufacturing and distribution has lessened due to the digital age, the company still sells well in the areas of video, mobile sound, audio, digital accessories, televisions and home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, water filtration systems, heaters, small kitchen appliances and washing machines. Akai continues to uphold its legacy of making quality equipment and audio-visual products.