Aden + Anais: Bringing the Legacy of Muslin of into the American World

As a young lady growing up in the outskirts of Australia, Raegan Moya-Jones was exposed to several traditional motherhood practices. But of all these, she was particularly amazed by the swaddling of tiny tots in enormously-sized yet incredibly soft muslin sheets. Even the most easily irritated and pernickety babies seemed to be able to sleep more serenely when wrapped in muslin, and in spite of the cold nights and hot days, muslin swaddles unfailingly keep babies snug and comfy. But most importantly, Raegan recognized the fact that the mere act of swaddling played a key role in forming a strong bond between the mother and her baby.

When Raegan moved to the United States, got married and started a family, she could not find any muslin swaddles like the ones she got accustomed to from her home. The only swaddles sold in the department stores and baby shops are either too small, made of thick flannel, or simply downright unattractive.

Out of frustration, Raegan decided to create a company that will create and sell exceptional muslin swaddles – and thus, aden + anais was born. A few months after hitting the industry, aden + anais’ swaddles started to gain fame and were popping in nearly all family and parenting-themed publications and blogs, in almost all celebrity gift registries and in shops all over the country.

As of the moment, aden + anais has brought into the American world the legacy of muslin and fused it with fashion-forward designs to craft an outstanding line of products that offer style and function , and are as modest as they are lovely. The company believes in muslin – its feel, its looks and most of all, its purpose in improving the lives of mother and their babies regardless of who they may be and where they are in the world.

The proof of the company’s success can be seen in the growth it has undergone since its early beginnings. aden + anais is now a multimillion dollar company boasting of several product lines and earning nearly $19 million in annual revenue.