100 Years of L.L. Bean Gear and Apparel

It all began in 1911 when a man named Leon Leonwood Bean thought of creating a pair of boots that are comfortable and fashionable enough to use while in the woods of Maine. This bright idea led to a successful mail-order catalog business.

L.L. Bean began selling his creation in 1912 while working in his brother’s apparel shop’s basement. With a mailing list containing the addresses of people who were not residents of the area, but have secured hunting licenses in Maine, Bean advertised his new hunting boots and pretty soon, orders came pouring in.

Just like every business, the company hit a few rough patches in the beginning, but with Bean’s dedication to expanding his mailing list and making sure all his customers were satisfied, L.L. Bean not only survived the hard times, it began to flourish. In recent years, the family-owned corporation has expanded its product line to include men’s wear, women’s apparel, and children’s clothing among others. Their operations have gone beyond Maine, with plans of expanding further in the years to come.