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We’ve all heard the stories. The longtime operator of a beloved local institution suddenly slandered for political beliefs or other choices on the Net due to one impulsive poster’s personal bias. A misleading article about a certain company published by a blogger with something to gain by harming someone else. A news piece or bad review that detailed one unfortunate day of many profitable, positive ones. Unfortunately, the Internet’s presence in our life ensures that all voices may be heard—whether they are educated, ethical, or not. Truthstreet.com hopes to provide a positive resource for Internet users: a collection of objective reports on the companies and entrepreneurs working diligently today. Rather than bash the shortcomings of businesses, we’ll celebrate the ones that play valuable roles in the lives of their customers.


Mint.com proves a strong example of the type of businesses truthstreet.net profiles: innovative, effective, and sustainable. Established in 2006, mint.com proves an invaluable tool when it comes to personal financial management. The company offers users the opportunity to view all of their financial activity in one easy-to-manage platform, thereby simultaneously monitoring their credit cards, loans, checking accounts, and other balances. Furthermore, Mint.com patrons may leverage this information when designing fiscal goals for saving and budgeting using the service’s straightforward tools in this arena. The company commands upwards of 7 million users, many of which take advantage of the mobile applications to manage their money while on the go. Mint offers patrons the unique opportunity to see exactly where their money is going with charts and analyses, thereby empowering better spending and saving habits. Both advantageous and original, Mint.com smoothly aligns with the mission of truthstreet.com. To browse full profiles of companies making a difference, peruse our articles.

  • Dorchester Minerals LP: Owner and Operator of Mineral-Rich Properties

    When Dorchester Hugoton Ltd., Spinnaker Royalty Company, L.P and Republic Royalty Company merged through a limited partnership, Dorchester Minerals, L.P. was created. The business commenced its operations in January 2003.

    Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company continues to engage in the acquisition, ownership and administration of Net Profits Interests and Royalty Properties. These interests lie on mineral wells that are located in resources-rich locations in the Horizontal Bakken and the Williston Basin. The Royalty Properties are represented by both producing and non-producing mineral, overriding royalty, royalty, leasehold and net profits interests in

  • Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp: Offering Highly Engineered Products

    By using their strong understanding and expertise in electronics technology, Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corporation continues to supply the country with various products used in the military and in severe environment applications. The business has been around since 1928 and continues to hold its corporate office in Saratoga Springs, New York.

    The business is registered as a power electronics designer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company. As an OEM, the business is engaged in the designing, developing and manufacturing of various products, including power supplies, inductors, transformers, antennas, radar transmitters, specialty magnetics and support equipment. Using cutting edge and emerging

  • Dixie Group, Inc.: The Carpet and Yarn Expert

    Carpets and rugs play a vital role in our homes and in establishments. Not only are these products offering its aesthetic value, it also comes with a lot of functionalities. It is in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of these products that The Dixie Group, Inc. continues to compete.

    Established in 1932, the company continues to dominate the soft floorcovering markets. The offerings of the business are marketed to both residential and commercial customers. The main business of the company involves the styling, designing, quality and service, coloring, and limited distribution of their items. A portion of their operations is