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We’ve all heard the stories. The longtime operator of a beloved local institution suddenly slandered for political beliefs or other choices on the Net due to one impulsive poster’s personal bias. A misleading article about a certain company published by a blogger with something to gain by harming someone else. A news piece or bad review that detailed one unfortunate day of many profitable, positive ones. Unfortunately, the Internet’s presence in our life ensures that all voices may be heard—whether they are educated, ethical, or not. Truthstreet.com hopes to provide a positive resource for Internet users: a collection of objective reports on the companies and entrepreneurs working diligently today. Rather than bash the shortcomings of businesses, we’ll celebrate the ones that play valuable roles in the lives of their customers.


Mint.com proves a strong example of the type of businesses truthstreet.net profiles: innovative, effective, and sustainable. Established in 2006, mint.com proves an invaluable tool when it comes to personal financial management. The company offers users the opportunity to view all of their financial activity in one easy-to-manage platform, thereby simultaneously monitoring their credit cards, loans, checking accounts, and other balances. Furthermore, Mint.com patrons may leverage this information when designing fiscal goals for saving and budgeting using the service’s straightforward tools in this arena. The company commands upwards of 7 million users, many of which take advantage of the mobile applications to manage their money while on the go. Mint offers patrons the unique opportunity to see exactly where their money is going with charts and analyses, thereby empowering better spending and saving habits. Both advantageous and original, Mint.com smoothly aligns with the mission of truthstreet.com. To browse full profiles of companies making a difference, peruse our articles.

  • Allete, Inc.: One of the Oldest Energy Companies in US

    Allete, Inc. is one of the oldest energy companies in the United States, having been established in 1906. The company continues to provide the country with competitively-priced energy through its subsidiaries that operate in Minnesota and Wisconsin and as well as in nearby states.

    For more than 100 years, the company has served more than 144,000 residents an has provided power to 16 municipalities and some of the nation’s largest industrial customers. It continues to innovate its offerings and invests in its research and development so it can sustain its operation of providing

  • American Residential Properties: Acquiring, Renovating and Leasing Single-Family Properties

    The industry of single-family leasing continues to balloon in the United States. With more and more people opting to rent versus getting their own property right away, real estate companies also start to cater to the needs in this market. One of the trusted names in this industry is American Residential Properties.

    The company was established in 2008 by Stephen G. Schmitz and Laurie A. Hawkes, who now holds key positions in the company. Registered as a real estate investment trust firm, the business continues to engage in the acquisition, development, owning and managing of single-family properties that they turn

  • Akorn, Inc.: Manufacturer of Generic and Branded Prescription Medications

    As a pharmaceutical company, Akorn, Inc. continues to market both generic and branded prescription products. The products offered by the company are manufactured in the United States, Switzerland and in India. It continues to invest in its research and development division to further expand its offerings.

    In addition to the prescription products offered by the company, they also carry other animal and consumer health items. Their offerings include nasal sprays, topicals, injectables, inhalatants, oral liquids, sterile and non-sterile dosage forms of prescription products. These products are marketed to pharmacies, wholesalers, government agencies, group